Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Hell Occupied?

I received this link from a dear friend.

It's a discussion about whether or not we should love or hate a couple of contemporary writers (C.S. Lewis and Rob Bell). I find it strange that so many spend so much energy worried about other people who think that maybe God's grace is sufficient alone. So many want to believe that heaven is reserved for those with the secret knowledge. It's called gnoticism and the church considered that heresy a long time ago. Salvation is all from God, not an ounce from us. I'm too broken to figure it out. God has to do it. I am so thankful that God is not relying on me one bit to figure out what is needed for salvation. I'm not that smart. Instead I get to bask in the wonder of his grace and yearn to share it with others.

They used to say that the definition of a Puritan is something who is deathly afraid that someone out there is having fun. I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't some of us who are deathly afraid that hell -- as real as it is -- might still be empty. Could it be true?